Prince Vapid

The obnoxiously sexy Bronze Faction Sidereal nemesis of the Arch-Duchess.


Bitter after almost being kicked out of the Committee of First Age Artifacts and replaced by the Arch-Duchess, Prince Vapid carries a serious vendetta against her. Fortunately one committee member went mysteriously missing, and Vapid was able to keep his seat. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop Vapid from trying to ruin the Arch-Duchess at every turn. Vapid is a gorgeous Chosen of Serenity, easily seducing most women (and men) to get his way. His failure (so far) to seduce the Arch-Duchess is only fuel for the fire of his hatred.

The Prince is usually seen in circles of young Dragon-Blooded nobles, pulling strings, soothing or gossiping in order to manipulate the fools to do his will.

Prince Vapid

The Man in Green Sekhmett